When is the best time to enter a HYIP program?

You have been asking yourself the million dollar question? Well, if it was possible to know when is the best time to enter a HYIP program we would all be rich. Unfortunately it's impossible to know if we have entered at program at the right time until it's too late, but there are certain precautions and strategies that you can adopt to minimize your risks.

The first red flags you have to check out are obvious:

1) Is the program offering more than 2-3% daily? Then stay away, it's never a good time to enter programs like this unless you have a hit and run strategy, where you invest only 1 or 2 days. If you are this type of player then good luck, it's certainly possible to profit this way, although I don't use it.

2) Always check the expiration date of the domain. If the domain expires before or very close to the date where you would get in profit, then stay away.

3) If the program has one of those standard designs that you see in dozens of programs, then it's likely to be a program of one of those admins that create multiple sites every month to pull fast scams on people. Forget about these.

4) The admin of the program didn't buy advertising in any blogs, sites or monitors and he didn't list his program in the top monitors? This may mean that the admin doesn't intend to keep his program online for a long time, but of course it's not certain, just my personal take on it.

OK, so now that you managed to avoid the common traps, at least in my view, there are 3 very different ways of looking at this issue. We can even say they are opposite ways. Let's review them.

1) Some people prefer to enter a program in the first few days he came online. The logic behind this is very simple, if they start profit early on they will be in profit before the site goes bust. Being early in a program is also benificial for people who promote HYIP'S besides investing. If they start promoting in the early days it will be easier to get referrals and maximize profits.

2) Another way to look at this issue is an opposite one. Some people prefer to enter a program after a few weeks of the program's birth. Why? For 2 main reasons. First they can see if a program is stable, if it's gaining momentum in monitors and forums and if people are promoting it and advertising is popping up all over the place. Some people feel more confident entering a program in these conditions. The other reason is to avoid fast scams, programs that admins only keep online for a week or so to get money from the first investors.

3) The other way to approach this is to define the "profit point" of a program and never enter it after that point. What is this profit point? This is an expression I use to define the moment where the first investors entered profit. If a program pays 1% daily for 150 days, the profit point will be the 100th day of the program's live. Some people always refuse to enter the program after this date. And why? Think about it, in this example, after the 100th day the program will start to lose money if not many new people are joining. If the program is still growing this risk becomes smaller.

Which strategy to use then? I have to be honest, I use mainly the first option with a little bit of the second, which means I prefer to enter early but only if I see if a program is trending well in forums and if the admin is getting listings in monitors and advertising in blogs and forums. In my view this means that the admin is investing and has funds available to get the program going with the potential to make it last for a while. This increases the chances of investors getting into profit.

Of course all these views are respectable and now it's up to you to chose one or make your own strategy. Remember, in HYIP's there are no dogmas and golden rules that always work. Make your own way, test the market with your own strategy if you see it working. As long as your earning, then keep on going.

I hope this post was useful and you learned something that can help you in the HYIP world. If you have any comments, please leave a comment in this post or use the contact form of our blog. We always like to get feedback from our visitors.

Take care and good earnings!